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The Pre-Baby List ...

Thursday, November 7, 2013
... Also known as the "Who Knew A Little White Stick Could Cause So Much Grief?!" list ...

Yes, I know it's been ages since I've posted on this blog but I've been busy posting and managing the Skyline Paperie blog (here) and this blog is supposed to be about my personal life and my personal life isn't that interesting, really. But since this is a more personal post, I felt it was appropriate to post it here. And so, on that note, the Heart Like Confetti blog has been officially resurrected. 

Below is a list. A list of random things I want to do, see and accomplish before the Mister and I have a baby. No, I'm not pregnant. Yes, I want to be. And until that stupid little white stick that I find myself peeing on every month decides to cooperate with me, I'll be busy working my way through the following goals:

- Reach 150 followers on the Skyline Paperie blog
- Reach 50 subscribers on the Skyline Paperie YouTube channel
- Reach 50 Facebook followers for the Skyline Paperie page
- Get 5 more scrapbook layouts published
- Be a guest designer for a month on one of my favorite blogs
- Make $3,500 from my online shop 
- Travel to CHA as a merchant 

- Go back to Las Vegas
- Go to Paris (preferably for a month)
- Go to San Francisco
- Go to Napa Valley - drink lotsa wine! 
- Go back to New Orleans
- Go back to New York City / Long Island 
- Go to Santorini Islands, Greece

- Lose another 15 lbs 
- Master the art of doing perfect eye makeup
- Re-vamp my entire wardrobe

- Go on a date with Alan to Central Restaurant
- Master conversational Mandarin
- Read Anna Karenina and watch the movie (in that order)
- Buy a home OR move into a "10 year rental" 
- Finish the "newlywed" scrapbook album

I will be editing and updating this list as new things come to mind. 

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